Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, 21st February 2018 


Thank you to all members who came along to the 2018 UNISON AGM. The event was well attended and insightful, with the Leader and Deput Leader of South Ayrshire Council giving a presentation on their vision for the future of the Council. 






Budget Process



As part of the budget process the elected members have agreed to set up a budget working group, including representatives from:

  • · UNISON
  • · Unite/ Craft
  • · EIS
  • · GMB

We have received assurances by the Chief Executive that full consultation will take place during all service reviews. This gives us the chance to ensure due process is followed and the policies are applied fairly and consistently.

A budget meeting is planned for 19th of February and we will update our members shortly after on any appropriate points.




No Compulsory Redundancies


We must bear in mind, change is coming. Through appropriate consultation and working together we can minimise the effect on staff.

Additionally, the council has agreed to a no compulsory redundancy pledge. This gives assurances that “anyone who is displaced from their post as a result of any agreed saving proposal, and who wants to remain in the Council’s employment, will have the opportunity to do so, and will be offered the most appropriate post that is available at the time”.

This position is supported by UNISON South Ayrshire, and we are keen to work with the administration to ensure this policy is applied evenly and appropriately.




Work Place Meetings


Over recent weeks, UNISON stewards have been carrying out workplace meetings. Further meetings are planned and we want to assure members that work specific meetings will be set up during all service reviews.

If you feel you need a workplace meeting, please discuss it with your nearest steward. If you are unsure who that is, contact the branch office for more information.